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 Post subject: Rift Application - Warrior
PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:35 pm 
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Character information (if known)
Legend - Warrior or Cleric (undecided)
Warrior - Voidknight, Cleric - Purifier/Sentinel/Warden. Obviously depends on what role I'm doing!
Professions - Undecided. Probably what makes zeh moniez.
Playstyle - Aggressive

Personal information
Nationality - British
Age / Gender - 26 M
Previous MMOs Experience - Here we Go:

WoW - Played for 1.5 years. Skullknight - Paladin - Imbalanced guild. High end Raiding Guild. PvP'd in 2k+ teams. No dont bother checking the armory, I sold the account ages ago! That said I played until I completed all the BC content, then quit.

GW - Played on and off to a total of about a year. Mainly PvE, PvP'd casually. Nothing too serious

AoC - Aryan - 80 Conqueror - Fury. Played for the first 6 months. Completed all PvE content (that wasnt totally bugged). PvP'd with The Black Hand guild. Pretty much dominated Keshatta zone for a while...until we got bored. :p

Aion - Legend - 55 Templar - Played 1.5 years. Member of the best Elyos Premade on the server for a significant period of time. Cleared all PvE content. (Ok no one took on the raid dragons coz it was cba). Got all PvP gear and until I sold my account recently (the guy has fucked it up and changed the name now) I was probably one of the best geared players on the server.

Days / Times - Mon-Fri 18:30 - 23:30 GMT. Weekends - As much as I can. Altho I'll take breaks to do some other stuff (like movie/other game) but not more than a few hours. So 10h+ a day = Guaranteed.
Grind Endurance - Reasonably high. Depends on where my motivation is.
Ability and willpower to read up on forums - Thats what I do in my free time! Hell I even do it at work! ;x
Voice Comms with microphone is mandatory, is this a problem for you ? No.

What are your expectations from Rift? A fun game that will last and not lack content!
What do you want to achieve in this game ? I'd like to earn a reputation and clear endgame PvP/PvE content.

Why Boss? Well, currently you seem to be a hardcore guild with similar objectives to my own. There arent that many out there (yet), at least from what i've seen. I dont want to join some half ass casual guild. Also my buddiez are joining.
Who can vouch for you in Boss? Wizard
Last guilds name (and reason for leaving)? Aetheris. I quit the game.

Rate yourself from 1-10 (10 being the best, 5 being average, 1 being little experience)
Teamplay (1-10) 9
PVP Skill (1-10) 8
PVP Experience (1-10) 8
Survivability (1-10) 9
Ability to follow instructions (1-10) 10

 Post subject: Re: Rift Application - Warrior
PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:56 pm 
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welcome to boss


 Post subject: Re: Rift Application - Warrior
PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:45 pm 
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Welcome to [Boss] :-)

Member of [BOSS]

"Rouges are overpowdered."

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