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 Post subject: RIFT Application
PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:45 pm 

Joined: Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:32 am
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Character informations :
Level 50
High Elf

Career Trees :
3 Specs (1 left for pvp maybe or a tanking spec if need)
Heal :
1 - Warden - Purifier - Sentinel (Main Spec, can do everything really well)
2 - Purifier - Sentinel - Warden (OffSpec Heal in test : Purifier 51 points means best Singletarget heals, might be better than Warden on some fights)
(I'll try Sentinel main but i can't do that in a 5-man instance)

DPS : Inquisitor - Cabalist - Sentinel (AoE /+5% crit Target debuff/+40% Crit dmg build)

Professions :
Foraging 300
Butcher 295~ (up only with the expert dungeon mobs : soon 300)
Apothecary 267 (Well as i've been PLed so much i starded healing AP/CC at lvl 46 so i didn't go to Stillmoor and couldn't farm Darkweed/Tempestflowers required to up that job atm ;D)

Well for a healer i don't see what playstyle can mean, there's things to do, you do them the faster the better. As a Warden you just have to refresh your HoTs in way that don't drain your mana :p and the rest is pushing the right button in the right situation as there's alot of mana-expensive Cooldowns.
I'll go Pvp soon , when i uped Apothecary 290~ or even 300, to try my PvE build that says 'you can't kill me!'

Personal information :

Nationality : Suiss
Age - Gender : 19 - Male
Previous MMOs Experience :
I've been healing since i'm 8 or 9 in all the MMOs i've been playing on (and dpsing/tanking when needed but i'd rather not ^^') :
- Priston Tales
- Mu Online
- Lineage 2
- WoW (since Burning Crusade or so)
- Atlantica Online
- Cabal Online
- Aion
- Rift

(And some others... Dofus Alpha, Priston Tales 2, Allods, Last Chaos, etc, but i haven't spent more than 2 months on these)

Availability :

Days / Times :
University gives you all the time you need.

Grind Endurance :
Well i need to finish some things (job, reput runes, fixing spec...) then i can grind alot as long as i've got music/people ^^.

Ability and willpower to read up on forums :
That shouldn't even be a question ^^', i've bookmarked it in the middle of my bar, i'll probably have the forum page open while i'm playing, checking it when i afk.

Voice Comms with microphone is mandatory, is this a problem for you ?
Yesterday the cable of my mic got sutck in the wheels of my chair and now i got 2 parts of one mic ;o. I'll buy one soon with a multi button mouse too (so many CDs and spells and i can't possibly clic them ;o)

Expectations :

What are your expectations from Rift?
I hope RIFT will be the game i'll be playing for the next (few) years. I can't stand Blizzard anymore and RIFT seems really promising.

What do you want to achieve in this game ?
Well, i'd love to try everything in this game as a healer, PvP or PvE. Mostly i want to discover and possibly clean all the PvE content and test much more about PvP healing.

Boss :

Why Boss ?
Seems like a nice family. People seems ambitious, skilled and fun. I wouldn't ask for more ^^.

Who can vouch for you in Boss ?
I played with Razx while leveling so maybe he's the one who can vouch for me. I then played with alot of 'BOSS' so if they think i'm worth it, it'll be fine =).

Last guilds name (and reason for leaving) ?

Rate yourself from 1-10 (10 being the best, 5 being average, 1 being little experience) :
Teamplay (9)
PVP Skill (7)
PVP Experience (5)
Survivability (8) : PVE: 10 & PVP : 7 when 1on1, haven't tested in WF lv 50 yet.
Ability to follow instructions (10)

 Post subject: Re: RIFT Application
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:19 am 
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you used colours :) nice app

 Post subject: Re: RIFT Application
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:35 pm 
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I stopped reading when you said you are a cleric.

You got my vote.

Iceberg wrote:
Youre so cool and pro. Can you be my master please? Ill pay you!!

 Post subject: Re: RIFT Application
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:09 pm 
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welcome :) nice to have u

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